rafiamaskhat2020 INSPO

In a year of seismic change, is there any vestige of the pre-COVID world unaffected?

Our collective awareness of the natural environment enjoying a renaissance due to the decline of human activity, leaves us pondering our future pathways.

And now a hat to wear to a Spring Carnival that cannot be attended. In a year when personal protection equipment has supplanted fashion as our ‘must have’ items, somehow my hat must strive to straddle allure with our preoccupation for social distance. How can hats of 2020 not reflect the adoption enmasse of the face mask?

With time to dream; time to contemplate; time to reimagine . . .I reinterpret the classic cloche into a contemporary bucket shape, bringing dignity to natural, unprocessed fibers but enlivening with a smatter of wash gold palettes.

In troubled times, we reach for simplicity but hopefully we will still express ourselves with a dash of wit and panache.